Better Home Space Management — Tips by Waterproofing Contractor in Kolkata

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Any builder will tell you about carpet area when you are interested to purchase a new building; and that’s the parameter that buyers also pay most attention to when buying a house, says a roof waterproofing Kolkata.

But, does that tell you perfectly about how much space you are going to get? Mathematically, there is no conflict. But, come to real experience, you’ll find that almost 30% or even more of the carpet area on an average remains unusable just because of a wrong design.

What is called ‘unusable area’?

The name itself says the definition. However, you have to go deeper to understand the actual meaning. When a builder designs a home, he thinks about a particular type of homeowner and creates the design accordingly. But, not necessarily it will fit with your particular requirements.

Say your builder created a wide balcony to spend time looking at your garden. But, if both you and your spouse are a businessperson, probably you won’t be able to enjoy this ‘luxury’, isn’t it? Similarly, a place in your entrance designed to park your bycicle may remain unusable just because you own a car and not a bycicle. But, you paid for that space as well, right?

What’s the solution?

If you are developing a new building for your own, you are in a safe position to rectify the issue, says our waterproofing contractor in Kolkata, Mr.Kaushik Sarker. You can consider the following factors while creating your floor plan:

  • Number of members in your home
  • Furniture and fixture you are going to install
  • Your luxury preference (more spacious means more luxurious)
  • Your decoration planning (indoor garden, wall-paint, flower vase etc.)
  • Your total carpet area

Have you already purchased a ready building? Then probably you cannot apply these methods directly. As per our waterproofing contractor in Kolkata, it’s best for you to go for other techniques to ensure right space management.

Here are few of them that you can consider:

Plan Alternate Use of Space

Maybe some space in your home were designed for a specific purpose that you no longer need, says a roof waterproofing Kolkata. So, is it possible to use the space for any other purpose? Think on the matter and you can find some great idea out of the blue.

Plan for Modifying Your Furniture

Often changing the shape and size of furniture creates new space and makes some space more usable. So, consult with some experienced carpenter or handyman and they may help you. Also, you can plan for reselling your old furniture and purchase smart furnitures that take less space and offer more features.

Restructuring Your House

Changing the house structure is one of the most effective ways to make use of all your carpet area. It is obviously the most expensive ways among the others – but the result also is highly satisfying. So, it’s up to you, what you’ll choose.