Floor Tile Issues & Fixes Recommended by Waterproofing Contractor in Kolkata

floor tile repairing service

Whether it is a damp on ceiling, water leakage in bathroom or saltpeter infection in your exterior wall, repairing in the ‘right process’ and ‘on time’ is highly important, says a home repair service near me Kolkata.

Mostly people ignore such issues until it starts spoiling their daily life. But, it’s not only about your day-to-day life — it’s directly related to your biggest asset and safety of your family.

Well, there are serious people who spend enough money repairing their building issues. But, mostly they don’t have enough knowledge on how to save money on repairing or how it can be long lasting. As a result, they end up wasting their hard earned money and making the issue complexer.

So, what’s the solution? Here are some tips from our senior waterproofing contractor in Kolkata, Mr.Kaushik Sarker.

Broken Floor Tile

Tiles are weaker compared to marble stone and thus falling of some item on the floor or heavy weight may break the tile. Mostly it affects the adjuscent tiles also with hairline fracture which is mostly invisible on human eye, but is enough to seep water down the foundation.

In such cases, replacing the damaged tile or trying the seal the gaps using any sealant will just make your floor look ugly and let germs grow. It will also cause damping issue in the long run and will detach other tiles from the adhesive used underneath.

So, it’s always suggested to go for hiring professional and let them cut out the damaged tiles and install new ones perfectly. Make sure to choose right quality of adhesive and paste the tiles finely matching with the other tiles.

Darkened Grout

Grout is the mortar used in between tiles to seal the gap. It is a category of cement which acquires dirt and gets darkened over time. It is unhygienic and also spoils the beauty of the floor.

How to get back the original colour? First of all, you can try cleaning the grout using some herbal acid and a fibre brush. Rub the grout repeatedly and wash off using cold water. If it is a too old installation, might be this system doesn’t work. So, on that case, you have to peal off the mortar and have to re-apply it in the gaps.

Chips on Tiles

Probably a heavy item dropped on your tile and it got chipped. Though it’s not vulnerable for the health of your home, it can look ugle and mostly in case of colourful tiles, it will attract visitor’s attention.

What to do? Well, you can take out your makeup box and use any high quality nailpolish of similar colour. It’ll give you the almost same gloss and colour mostly and will recover the issue. However, it’s not a long term solution and you might have to repaint it in every fortnight (in case of high traffic areas) or litlle longer.


As per one of our waterproofing contractors in Kolkata, it’s always best to go for good quality marble stones instead of tiles, if you have little higher budget. It’s long lasting, cool and elegant. However, the negative side of stone is maintenance. If you have further query on that, read our other blogs.