Pocket-Friendly Ways to Give Your Old House a Fresh Look & Strength

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Painting your home isn’t the right solution! It just covers the issues for some time and within few months they comes back again. So, it is nothing but wastage of your money, and making your home even weaker, says our senior building restoration Kolkata.

You must know that beauty of a home comes from its overall health. If the house has issues in its structure, you can make it attractive by covering them with another coat of paint. You need to treat the root causes first.

Most of the homeowners avoid this step just as they think it is a costly process, says our waterproofing contractors in Kolkata. Well, it’s true that both building construction materials and service charges have become costly in the last few years. But, it’s never costlier than your asset, isn’t it?

So, let’s know about some budget-friendly ways suggested by our structural engineer in Kolkata to fix your building issues and give it a fresh new look.

Repair Cracks & Damages

First thing that you must need to do is to work on the cracks and other structural damages. They are highly dangerous for your building’s safety issues. So, you need to work on that. You can go for a low cost structural assessment by experts to know the severity as well as the most affordable way to resolve the issue.

Go for Waterproofing Services

If your house has any leakage or damp issues, you must repair them on urgent basis. As per our structural engineer in Kolkata, it can rapidly damage your building and can cause further issues like concrete cancer, saltpeter infection, termite infestation and so on.

Plan a Brief Building Restoration Kolkata

If you have some budget, it’ll be a wise decision to go for small changes in your building’s design like extending your bathroom or kitchen, restructuring your living-room or bedroom, re-planning your drainage, lifting the floor height, adding a new room on the land adjacent to your building and so on. These scientific changes will make your old house more comfortable and spacious, says our waterproofing expert.

Install Tiles on Floor and Walls

It’s a common misconception that wall tilling is important only in bathroom. It not only protects your floor and wall from water damage, but also provides extra strength, improves fire resistance in your home and reduces your expenses on paint. With revolution in the ceramic and other tiles, you have wide option to choose from as per your budget and all are highly durable.

Paint The Interior and Exterior

Yes, now proceed to interior and exterior painting part. Make sure to create a good design as per structure of your building and choose your paint from reputed brands. Also, remember that exterior and interior paints have different formula and thus it’s highly recommended not to use interior paint on your exterior wall or vice versa.