Water Leakage in Old Building — Various Solutions as per Budget

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Kolkata is one of the oldest cities in India and it has hundreds of buildings which are older than 50 years. Being built on outdated technology and standing in a heavily moist climate the roof of these house gets highly affected and starts leaking water, says Mr.Koushik Sarker, the Asian Paints Waterproofing Contractor in Kolkata.

With effective yet budget-friendly waterproofing solutions, you can protect these structures from deterioration and maintain their integrity. So, here are some of the most efficient methods by roof waterproofing contractor Kolkata based on the age, condition and your budget.

Surface Treatments:

Coatings and Sealants: Applying elastomeric coatings or sealants on the concrete surface creates a protective barrier against water penetration. These flexible coatings can expand and contract with the building, ensuring durability. However, this method is good when you have leakage in a very small area, like pipe joint.

Water Repellents: Hydrophobic treatments repel water by causing it to bead and roll off the surface, preventing absorption into the concrete pores. Silane, siloxane, or silicone-based repellents are commonly used. Though as per our Asian Paints waterproofing contractor in Kolkata, it may not be very ideal method where human traffic is present, and it’s costly as well.

Concrete Layer Method

A thin layer of concrete is applied all over the roof that helps to protect water seepage. However, this method increases the load on the existing roof and may not be good for fragile roofs. On that case, as said by our roof waterproofing contractor Kolkata, you have to opt for other methods.

Waterproofing Paint

There are brands that produce highly cost effective and long lasting waterproofing paint that is a very good and low cost option to prevent roof water leakage issue. As recommended by our Asian Paints waterproofing paint contractor in Kolkata, applying this paint in scientific process can help you getting rid of water leakage issue for about 10 years or even more. It also works as a heatproofing coating on your house to reduce head in your rooms during the summer. However, the success of this method lies in the knowledge of the contractor and his applying method.

Slope Correction

There are older buildings in Kolkata that has very bad slope which causes stagnant water issue. It eventually seeps through the concrete and damages the life of the roof. So, ensuring proper roof slope to direct water towards drainage outlets, preventing ponding and pooling of water, can be one of the best solutions.

Crack Repairs

As Mr. Koushik Sarker said, there are several old houses which has crack issue on their roof and wall. While some are caused due to improper load, heavy construction works around the building, soil shrinkage issue and several other reasons. So, depending upon the reason, at times, repairing the cracks can work perfectly for such old buildings.

Professional Consultation

It’s always recommended to consult with professionals to find out the right solution as every building is different and one solution may not be suitable for the other. Stop increasing risk by employing the local missionary workers as they don’t have that scientific depth which results in reappearing of the issue after a couple of years.

Remember, the choice of waterproofing solution should consider the building’s specific needs, climate, budget, and the extent of damage. Regular maintenance and periodic inspections are crucial to ensure the effectiveness of the waterproofing system over time.