Top 3 Heatproofing Solutions & Cost for Your Home

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With record heat every year, it has become a matter of concern for most of the house owners to think of any alternative solution to keep their house cool, says a heatproof painting Kolkata engineer.

Well, AC is not a very economic or healthy solution as it comes with a high cost, huge electricity bill, complicated maintenance and lots of health hazards in the long run. So, it’s always a wise decision to go for be more eco-friendly and economic way that can prevent your house from getting heated.

As per our Asian Paints roof waterproofing Kolkata experts, there are 3 major ways that you can choose from. Here are an overview about these three popular and safe ways along with their average cost in Indian metro cities like Kolkata.

Creating a Rooftop Sunshade

Cost: Rs.180 to Rs.220 per sq ft

If it’s your own building and you have no legal objection, you can always think of a rooftop sunshade. These can be made using various materials such as metal sheets, or fibre sheets by creating a metal structure. As explained by a home repair service near me Kolkata engineer, providing an additional layer between the sun and your roof, sunshades significantly lower the temperature of the roof surface and the rooms beneath it. However, if you have any mobile tower, banner-hording structure on the rooftop, you can’t go for it.

Heatproof Painting on Roof & Wall

Cost: Rs.80 to Rs.120 per sq ft

Asian Paints and other brands have created several varieties of heatproof paint that is easy to apply, cheaper in cost, and highly durable. Also, it can work as a good waterproofing solution for your roof.

Heatproof or reflective paints are specially formulated to reflect a significant portion of the sun’s rays, and thus reducing the amount of heat inside the house, explained Asian Paints roof waterproofing Kolkata experts. Though, mostly people apply it on roof-top, if you don’t have problem painting your house white, you can apply it on your walls as well to get even better result.

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Rockwool Slab Insulation

Cost: Rs.150 to Rs.200 per sq ft

Rockwool slabs are a highly effective insulation material made from natural stone and recycled steel slag. If you are building a new home, or renovating your home, you can make a plan to install light resin bonded mattress. These slabs are known for their excellent thermal, acoustic, and fire-resistant properties. Based on your plan, budget and feasibility, you can use it for insulating both roof and walls of your house.