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Since 2000 ‘PROCON’ is a Kolkata based enterprise professionally managed by a group of Civil/Structural/ Geotechnical Engineers & Professionals with sole objective to provide total solution for Waterproofing, Repair, Rehabilitation, Structural strengthening, protection, Durable and sustainable new construction practice in building /Industry sector. We have completed successfully more than 1500 projects in last 23 years.

Procon Technical Services specializes in all areas of residential, commercial & industrial building repairing services in Kolkata as well as reconstruction. Being one of the top waterproofing companies in Kolkata, we have been delivering end to end services which encompasses Structural analysis/assessment to execution of the treatment and repair & rehabilitation/refurbishment  service.


Remedial Engineering Services, kolkata

Being one of the top Waterproofing , Damp & Crack treatment services in building Kolkata
we provide all types of building inspection and repair services to residential, institutional, industrial  and commercial Flats /buildings.

It’s our pride that till date we have completed more than 1500 projects successfully and the number is still growing. We have a dedicated team of Chartered Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, Chemical & Geo-technical Engineers providing reliable Asian Paints,Sika,Dr.Fixit,Fosroc,Berger,STP,Dulux Aqatech roof waterproofing Kolkata, building inspection and repair services. We also have skilled manpower, well equipped with modern tools & equipment. We have all statutory registration as per Govt. Rules and thus you can employ us on any residential , commercial and industrial projects.

Technical consultancy / Structural health assessment

  • Structural Health Monitoring/ assessment of  distressed building
  • Damage/Condition  survey of old,new building.
  • Diagnostic investigation & Failure analysis.
  • Trouble shooting of construction Problems & defects.

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Waterproofing & Insulation treatment

  • Waterproofing /water leakage treatment by acrylic polymer, PU, Epoxy, APP , TPO, FPO, EPDM  membranes  system, Spray applied nano Technology,admixtures, Polymer mortar, Micro concrete, PP/Nylon Fibers,etc.
  • Doctor Fixit Dampguard Kolkata
  • Waterproofing treatment of roof (Flat/slope/pitched), basement, toilet, wall, RCC members

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Damp proofing & Saltpeter treatments

  • Damp proofing treatment by acrylic Polymer ( two component system), organo nano silane injection (Horizontal Barrier against rising damp),water base epoxy, Breathable Paint, waterproof Putty, patented admixture etc.
  • Anti Salt peter treatment
  • Damp proofing treatment of outside/inside wall.

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Repair, Rehabilitation & Restoration services

  • General Building/Flat/Apartment  Repair, Renovation, Reconstruction
  • Reconstruction of old buildings Kolkata
  • Crack treatment in building Kolkata
  • Repair & Rehabilitation of old, damaged & distressed Building or structures.
  • Crack Repair of Plaster, Brickwork, RCC members….

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Bonding & Sealant application services

  • Sealing & Bonding of all types of construction,control,expansion joints using silicon,PU, Polysulphide, acrylic, Bituminus joint filler compound.
  • Sealing large joints by TPO/Hypathalon sheet.
  • Joints , Gap & crack sealing of Door & window frame, cable hole, gap between dissimilar materials by PU,silicon etc.
  • Sealing of Holes & gaps of glass, metal,stone ,wood all building

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Protective coating & painting

  • weatherproof painting Kolkata for interior & exterior
  • Protective coating/Painting of Building by elastomeric, crack bridging, uv & heat resistance, breathable,decorative,colorful,anti dust & dirt & 100% waterproof /all weatherproof.
  • Anti corrosive Paint/coating ( Bitumen,coal tar, epoxy , PU) to corrosion porn metal.
  • Anti carbonation & anti pollutant coating of different RCC/steel structures.
  • Structural Protection from chemical, extreme weather and underwater conditions.

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