Different Joints of Building & Sealing of Pipe penetration point

Different Joints of Building & Sealing of Pipe penetration point

We have found many water leakages from joints of RCC structures.There are mainly four types of joints in RCC/Concrete structures. 1. Construction Joint 2. Connection Joint 3. Movement Joint (Expansion Joint) 4. Control Joint/Dummy or Contraction joints

CONSTRUCTION JOINTS are designed to split areas of the structure into separate concrete section for work schedule reasons or as structural measures to transfer load. The reinforcement in construction joints is therefore continuous through the joint.

CONNECTION JOINTS Connection joints are flat or indented joints which split the concrete section trough its full depth without a defined joint gap. The reinforcement in connection joints is discontinuous. Joint opening & pressure transmission is possible.

MOVEMENT JOINT (EXPANSION JOINT) Movement or expansion joints split components trough their full thickness with a designed/defined joint gap. The reinforcement in movement joints is discontinuous. Movement joint allow differential movement due to temperature variations and /or load or settlement in one or more direction of the areas, section or structures separated by joints.

CONTROL JOINT (CONTROLLED CRACK INDUCED, DUMMY OR CONTRCATION JOINTS) It is intentionally provided or created joints with specific interval of defined depth & width to create weak zone of concrete to relieve the stress due to temperature & stresses. Which thereby prevents uncontrolled cracking of structure.74People reached2Engagements–Distribution scoreBoost UnavailableLikeCommentShare

There are many types of joints sealing solutions we can provide

1. Hydrophilic (swellable)Gaskets/profiles

2. Polyurethane/Polysulphide sealant

3. Thermoplastic Waterbars.

4. Injection Hose Systems.

5. Adhesive Tape (Flexible Polyolefin /Thermoplastic Polyolefin Tape).

6. Hydrophilic PU Injection.

One of our pipe penetration detailing work at Peerless Hospital by PU foam, Collar with Hybrid silicon coating system

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