Building Crack? Know The Solutions from Waterproofing Expert in Kolkata

It’s a common misconception that building cracks occur only on old buildings. But, based on structural design fault, improper foundation preparation, soil settlement, earthquake, weak joint, improper load distribution and several other factors, even a new building can develop crack, says a waterproofing contractor in Kolkata.

Sounds too technical, right? Well, here is a brief about the reasons of developing crack on a building and based on that your structural analysist will recommend you the most effective treatment procedure.

Structural Design Fault

We contact a building designer to get a modern looking building as per our requirement. But, there’s a vast science that works behind those beautiful buildings. Any mistake in calculation can lead to crack on building in the near future, if not even worse than that.

Improper Foundation Preparation

Foundation of a building is the most vital part for the longevity and stability of the structure. Depending upon the soil type, geographical factors and height of the building, a builder needs to prepare the foundation properly, says a waterproofing contractor in Kolkata.

Soil Settlement

It’s actually a side-effect of improper foundation preparation, especially in the soft soil areas. In this case, the soil under the foundation get sank few millimetres and the structure gets misbalanced. In most of the cases a crack on the wall is the most primary symptom. However, even more serious and worse cases can happen anytime.


It seems that there’s nothing to describe in this point. However, as per a crack treatment in building Kolkata expert, a properly designed building should withstand an earthquake without any issue. So, if your building has developed any hairline to fatal crack after a tremor, it’s important to get consultancy from a senior waterproofing contractor.

Weak Joints

Joints of a building creates the right bonding of the walls and keep it intact on every situation – whether it is a cyclone or an earthquake. So, make sure the joints of your building are enough strongly developed.

Improper Load Distribution

A building bears heavy weight of bricks, concrete and metals which is beyond our common assumption capacity. So, this huge load needs to be properly distributed to make sure the structure remains stout and gives you enough strength. So, if you have recently extended your building in width or height without proper load distribution plan, or it has a lopsided design, it may develop cracks easily.

So, What’s the Solution?

No, there’s no single-word solution. It needs thorough inspection of your building structure to diagnose the root cause of the crack. Often it can be a reason which is triggered by another reason and so, it becomes even critical to come to a conclusion.

Anyway, as per our senior waterproofing contractor in Kolkata, Mr. Koushik Sarker, one never should hurry or take an armature decision. In such cases always trust on an experienced builder and let them provide you an efficient treatment plan.