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Different Joints of Building & Sealing of Pipe penetration point

We have found many water leakages from joints of RCC structures.There are mainly four types of joints in RCC/Concrete structures. 1. Construction Joint 2. Connection Joint 3. Movement Joint (Expansion Joint) 4. Control Joint/Dummy or Contraction joints

CONSTRUCTION JOINTS are designed to split areas of the structure into separate concrete section for work schedule reasons or as structural measures to transfer load. The reinforcement in construction joints is therefore continuous through the joint.

CONNECTION JOINTS Connection joints are flat or indented joints which split the concrete section trough its full depth without a defined joint gap. The reinforcement in connection joints is discontinuous. Joint opening & pressure transmission is possible.

MOVEMENT JOINT (EXPANSION JOINT) Movement or expansion joints split components trough their full thickness with a designed/defined joint gap. The reinforcement in movement joints is discontinuous. Movement joint allow differential movement due to temperature variations and /or load or settlement in one or more direction of the areas, section or structures separated by joints.

CONTROL JOINT (CONTROLLED CRACK INDUCED, DUMMY OR CONTRCATION JOINTS) It is intentionally provided or created joints with specific interval of defined depth & width to create weak zone of concrete to relieve the stress due to temperature & stresses. Which thereby prevents uncontrolled cracking of structure.74People reached2Engagements–Distribution scoreBoost UnavailableLikeCommentShare

There are many types of joints sealing solutions we can provide

1. Hydrophilic (swellable)Gaskets/profiles

2. Polyurethane/Polysulphide sealant

3. Thermoplastic Waterbars.

4. Injection Hose Systems.

5. Adhesive Tape (Flexible Polyolefin /Thermoplastic Polyolefin Tape).

6. Hydrophilic PU Injection.

One of our pipe penetration detailing work at Peerless Hospital by PU foam, Collar with Hybrid silicon coating system

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Building Crack? Know The Solutions from Waterproofing Expert in Kolkata

It’s a common misconception that building cracks occur only on old buildings. But, based on structural design fault, improper foundation preparation, soil settlement, earthquake, weak joint, improper load distribution and several other factors, even a new building can develop crack, says a waterproofing contractor in Kolkata.

Sounds too technical, right? Well, here is a brief about the reasons of developing crack on a building and based on that your structural analysist will recommend you the most effective treatment procedure.

Structural Design Fault

We contact a building designer to get a modern looking building as per our requirement. But, there’s a vast science that works behind those beautiful buildings. Any mistake in calculation can lead to crack on building in the near future, if not even worse than that.

Improper Foundation Preparation

Foundation of a building is the most vital part for the longevity and stability of the structure. Depending upon the soil type, geographical factors and height of the building, a builder needs to prepare the foundation properly, says a waterproofing contractor in Kolkata.

Soil Settlement

It’s actually a side-effect of improper foundation preparation, especially in the soft soil areas. In this case, the soil under the foundation get sank few millimetres and the structure gets misbalanced. In most of the cases a crack on the wall is the most primary symptom. However, even more serious and worse cases can happen anytime.


It seems that there’s nothing to describe in this point. However, a properly designed building should withstand an earthquake without any issue. So, if your building has developed any hairline to fatal crack after a tremor, it’s important to get consultancy from a senior waterproofing contractor.

Weak Joints

Joints of a building creates the right bonding of the walls and keep it intact on every situation – whether it is a cyclone or an earthquake. So, make sure the joints of your building are enough strongly developed.

Improper Load Distribution

A building bears heavy weight of bricks, concrete and metals which is beyond our common assumption capacity. So, this huge load needs to be properly distributed to make sure the structure remains stout and gives you enough strength. So, if you have recently extended your building in width or height without proper load distribution plan, or it has a lopsided design, it may develop cracks easily.

So, What’s the Solution?

No, there’s no single-word solution. It needs thorough inspection of your building structure to diagnose the root cause of the crack. Often it can be a reason which is triggered by another reason and so, it becomes even critical to come to a conclusion.

Anyway, as per our senior waterproofing contractor in Kolkata, Mr. Koushik Sarker, one never should hurry or take an armature decision. In such cases always trust on an experienced builder and let them provide you an efficient treatment plan.

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Floor Tile Issues & Fixes Recommended by Waterproofing Contractor in Kolkata

Whether it is a damp on ceiling, water leakage in bathroom or saltpeter infection in your exterior wall, repairing in the ‘right process’ and ‘on time’ is highly important, says a waterproofing contractor in Kolkata.

Mostly people ignore such issues until it starts spoiling their daily life. But, it’s not only about your day-to-day life — it’s directly related to your biggest asset and safety of your family.

Well, there are serious people who spend enough money repairing their building issues. But, mostly they don’t have enough knowledge on how to save money on repairing or how it can be long lasting. As a result, they end up wasting their hard earned money and making the issue complexer.

So, what’s the solution? Here are some tips from our senior waterproofing contractor in Kolkata, Mr.Kaushik Sarker.

Broken Floor Tile

Tiles are weaker compared to marble stone and thus falling of some item on the floor or heavy weight may break the tile. Mostly it affects the adjuscent tiles also with hairline fracture which is mostly invisible on human eye, but is enough to seep water down the foundation.

In such cases, replacing the damaged tile or trying the seal the gaps using any sealant will just make your floor look ugly and let germs grow. It will also cause damping issue in the long run and will detach other tiles from the adhesive used underneath.

So, it’s always suggested to go for hiring professional and let them cut out the damaged tiles and install new ones perfectly. Make sure to choose right quality of adhesive and paste the tiles finely matching with the other tiles.

Darkened Grout

Grout is the mortar used in between tiles to seal the gap. It is a category of cement which acquires dirt and gets darkened over time. It is unhygienic and also spoils the beauty of the floor.

How to get back the original colour? First of all, you can try cleaning the grout using some herbal acid and a fibre brush. Rub the grout repeatedly and wash off using cold water. If it is a too old installation, might be this system doesn’t work. So, on that case, you have to peal off the mortar and have to re-apply it in the gaps.

Chips on Tiles

Probably a heavy item dropped on your tile and it got chipped. Though it’s not vulnerable for the health of your home, it can look ugle and mostly in case of colourful tiles, it will attract visitor’s attention.

What to do? Well, you can take out your makeup box and use any high quality nailpolish of similar colour. It’ll give you the almost same gloss and colour mostly and will recover the issue. However, it’s not a long term solution and you might have to repaint it in every fortnight (in case of high traffic areas) or litlle longer.


As per one of our waterproofing contractors in Kolkata, it’s always best to go for good quality marble stones instead of tiles, if you have little higher budget. It’s long lasting, cool and elegant. However, the negative side of stone is maintenance. If you have further query on that, read our other blogs.

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Better Home Space Management — Tips by Waterproofing Contractor in Kolkata

Any builder will tell you about carpet area when you are interested to purchase a new building; and that’s the parameter that buyers also pay most attention to when buying a house, says a waterproofing contractor in Kolkata.

But, does that tell you perfectly about how much space you are going to get? Mathematically, there is no conflict. But, come to real experience, you’ll find that almost 30% or even more of the carpet area on an average remains unusable just because of a wrong design.

What is called ‘unusable area’?

The name itself says the definition. However, you have to go deeper to understand the actual meaning. When a builder designs a home, he thinks about a particular type of homeowner and creates the design accordingly. But, not necessarily it will fit with your particular requirements.

Say your builder created a wide balcony to spend time looking at your garden. But, if both you and your spouse are a businessperson, probably you won’t be able to enjoy this ‘luxury’, isn’t it? Similarly, a place in your entrance designed to park your bycicle may remain unusable just because you own a car and not a bycicle. But, you paid for that space as well, right?

What’s the solution?

If you are developing a new building for your own, you are in a safe position to rectify the issue, says our waterproofing contractor in Kolkata, Mr.Kaushik Sarker. You can consider the following factors while creating your floor plan:

  • Number of members in your home
  • Furniture and fixture you are going to install
  • Your luxury preference (more spacious means more luxurious)
  • Your decoration planning (indoor garden, wall-paint, flower vase etc.)
  • Your total carpet area

Have you already purchased a ready building? Then probably you cannot apply these methods directly. As per our waterproofing contractor in Kolkata, it’s best for you to go for other techniques to ensure right space management.

Here are few of them that you can consider:

Plan Alternate Use of Space

Maybe some space in your home were designed for a specific purpose that you no longer need. So, is it possible to use the space for any other purpose? Think on the matter and you can find some great idea out of the blue.

Plan for Modifying Your Furniture

Often changing the shape and size of furniture creates new space and makes some space more usable. So, consult with some experienced carpenter or handyman and they may help you. Also, you can plan for reselling your old furniture and purchase smart furnitures that take less space and offer more features.

Restructuring Your House

Changing the house structure is one of the most effective ways to make use of all your carpet area. It is obviously the most expensive ways among the others – but the result also is highly satisfying. So, it’s up to you, what you’ll choose.


How to Make Your Home Safe for Baby – Tips by Waterproofing Contractor

Homes are meant to offer a cozy shelter to the inhabitants. And when it comes to a new-born baby or a toddler, it becomes even more important, says our Sr. Waterproofing Contractor in Kolkata, Mr.Kaushik Sarker.

Well, we all remain alert when we have a baby in home. But, is that enough? No, babies are unpredictable and they can do extremely risky activities within fraction of moments. So, it’s your duty to ensure top security for them and offer a baby-friendly enviroment.

So, how to do that? Is it a expensive process? Well, here is a brief about this.

Thorough Cleaning

Of course you do clean your home. But, do you know, these type of general cleaning aren’t enough to keep germs out of your home? For this, you need to do a thorough cleaning of your home, at least once in a quarter and continue the daily general cleaning routine.

The best method is to start from the top parts of your home like roof, ceiling, shelf, wall and proceed till the ground level that is floor, drainage and so on. Use proper tools (vacuum cleaner, broom, duster, cleaning agent etc.) to make it effective and turn every stone to find any trace of dust and dirt. As per a waterproofing contractor in Kolkata, it’s always better to prefer herbal cleaning agents to avoid any toxic residue in your floor which can cause harm to your baby’s delicate skin and health.

Keep Ground Clear

Babies roam around in your home, and they always look at their eye-level. So, it’s very natural for them to step on any item on the ground and get injured. Even if there is an insect on the floor, they may stamp it and it can be dangrous. So, keep ground as clear as possible. Remove all unstable items like flower vase, tub, bycicle and so on. Also you can install floor lamps to make the floor clearly visible. Install railing in your balcony, staircase, and other high areas. Also install baby-door at your kitchen, bathroom and other hazardous places.

Install Shockproof System

There can’t be anything worst than electric shock whether it is a baby or an adult. But, as they are unaware of the risk, they are more vulnerable to the risk. What you can do? As per our waterproofing contractors in Kolkata, installing shock-proof MCB can make your home safe from this issue as well as other electrical threats like short-circuite and so on. Replace all the electrical outlets with covered outlets and keep electrical equipments out of reach of your dear.

Make System for Fire Fighting

People don’t even want to think about such horrible situation. But, that doesn’t make your home safe. So, you need to install a certified firefighting system. It’s easily available today in most of the towns or you can order online.

Vaccinate Your Pets Have pets at home? They can be good friends of your baby – if they are properly vaccinated. So, as our waterproofing contractor in Kolkata says, you need to take them to your vet regularly to confirm that they are completely clean and healthy. If your baby shows any allergic symptom on pet fur or saliva and so on, it’s better to consult both your baby’s doctor and your vet or make a separate space for your pet


The Reasons House Paint Fails – Solution by Waterproofing Contractor in Kolkata

Painting a home gives it a fresh new look. At the same time, it protects the building structure, prevents fungus development, keeps insects at bay, and above all improves your mood, says a waterproofing contractor in Kolkata.

In general, a fresh coat of paint should last for 7 to 10 years. But, what if your paint fails within a couple of years, specially when the cost of painting has increased badly in last decade? It’s too painful and very still very obvious – if you don’t know the exact reason.

So, let’s gather some basic yet valuable information regarding the reasons that paint fails in a building.

Imcomplete Surface Preparation

Paints are designed to be applied on a particular type of surface for best result. So, whether it’s a new building or old, interior or exterior, you need to prepare it as per the type of paint. The process includes:

Removing Old Paint

If you are repainting an old structure, you need to scrub through every trace of previous paint layer. Depending upon the age and number of old paint layers you need to use proper tools and experienced staff to make it perfect, says our senior waterproofing contractor in Kolkata Mr. Kaushik Sarker.


Pits and holes on old building walls are common. It increases the painting time and decreases the outcome quality. So, do some patchwork to fill the gaps, holes and uneven areas of the wall.

Cleaning Dust

Scrubing old paint produces lots of dust which will prevent the paint to attach on the surface. So, you have to clean the area properly by washing it or by vacuuming it.


One never should paint on a moist wall. It will vapour after some time and will cause blistering of the paint. So, let it dry properly.

Choosing Right Quality Paint

Raw material quality is one of the most important parts when it comes to successful painting. And high price isn’t the only parameter to be confirm about the quality. You need to choose the paint based on the following  factors:

  • Surface Type: Concrete, wood, plastic, metal etc.
  • Environment: Humid, extreme cold/hot, excessive dry etc.
  • Position: Interior or exterior.
  • Light Reflection Factor: High or Low.

Another factor that is little different from these is the finish of the paint. It can be matt finish or glossy finish based on your painting theme design or your preference. Do note that, whatever you finalise should be verified by a professional painter, says a waterproofing contractor in Kolkata.

Selecting Right Tools

Tools matter a lot to complete a painting work properly. It’s not as tempting work as it appears. It demands high precision, vast experience and perfect use of right tool. You never should try any shortcut just to complete a painting project within deadline.

A major number of paints fail because painters use roller to speedup the project, where brush is appropriate. Similarly, sprayer can’t be the right solution if you don’t have much knowledge about the dos and don’ts. So, it’s big chapter which we would discuss in another future blog.

Following Right Method

Painting projects aren’t as simple as a homeowner generally thinks. There are several steps and every step takes time. As per one of our waterproofing contarctors in Kolkata, you never should interfere in the process, unless you have selected a novice painter. There are several other factors that could be included in this blog. But, following these points properly is enough to get good result, if not best.

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The Ultimate Guide to Keep Bugs Out of Your House: by Structural analysis expert

Winter has completed it’s course and the sun is ready to tune up its temperature. Side by side the humidity in the weather will increase gradually which will create the perfect ‘honeymoon ambiance’ for the insects like termite, woodworm, mosquito, and cockroach and so on.

No need to say, the grear Kolkata region is one of the worst victims of these tiny insects.

While we all mostly take some steps against the mosquito and cockroaches, we don’t bother much about the rest. However, as per our senior structural analysis expert in Kolkata Mr. Koushik Sarker, these apparently innocent tiny creatures have enough power to affect your building structure badly.

What’s the solution? The single line answer is – you have to be aware about their power and have to gather information about them. So, take a cup of coffee, sit back and read.

Where Insects Grow Most – the High Risk Areas?

As we discussing about all types of insects that prevail in a building, we need to know that they have their own ‘type’ of habitat. Mostly bugs prefer dark, moist and silent areas. Whether it is the warehouse, an overhead shelf, backyard of your home, garden fixtures and so on.

What are The Symptoms of Pest Infestation?

The earlier the better! This is the simplest formula when it comes to save your property from pest. Any delay in discovering an infestation of pest can worsen within a week and you may have to bear huge loss.

So, do a self-survey every fortnight on the ‘high risk’ areas and if you find any trace of termite’s mud-channels or wood dust on the floor, consult with a structural analysis expert in Kolkata or call a pest control professional.

What Should You Do?

Be very clear that for every type of pest, there is different treatment method. One size won’t fit all! So, consult with expert as early as possible and let them take steps as early as possible. Also follow the below mentioned points:

  • Keep debris and useless items away from your home.
  • Make clear drainage system to drain out excess water quickly.
  • Make enough space for light and air in your home.
  • Restructure furniture in your home time to time.
  • Keep your home, warehouse, garden and other places clean and dry.
  • Never ignore those woodcutting sound at night or those mud-channels.
  • Fill every gaps in your home – whether it is a crack on wall or a hole for plumbing pipe.
  • Clean the surrounding of indoor plants regularly.

What You Shouldn’t?

This part is more important than ‘what you should do’. Any mistake here can spread the insects to other parts of your home and it not only will increase your cost, but also makes the treatment process lengthy and complex. So, keep the following points in mind:

  • Don’t try to disturb the insects at their position. Never ever break their mud-channel or try to kill them manually, unless you have proper pest control method in hand.
  • Never use any chemical without professional knowledge of dosage, precaution, and other risk factors. While using low dosage for multiple times will make them resistant to the chemical, high dosage can be dangerous for your family members, pets as well as assets.
  • Don’t try any all-purpose insect killer that you use at home if you aren’t sure it’ll work on the insects. Also, do note that these sprayable chemicals mostly kill the insects which are on the upper surface and the rest alive ones get spread all along your home. So, be cautious.

What’s the Conclusion?

As per our structural assessment professional in Kolkata, it’s always best to go for a half-yearly survey by professional pest control expert for your home. If there are infected buildings nearby or if the environment of your locality is highly humid, it’s better to make it quarterly for better safety. After all, prevention is better than cure, isn’t it?


All About Building Waterproofing – Things You Must Know

Four out of ten homeowners complaint about waterproofing issue in their home. And the ratio is really very alarming because seeping of water can literally damage the core strength of a building, says our roof waterproofing expert in Kolkata Mr. Koushik Sarker.

So, when you call it a waterproofing issue?

Slight damping of a wall after a long rain is often okay. But, it should be cleared within a couple of days. Actually, concrete walls soak a very little amount of water and that may look like damp on the exterior part. However, this moist mostly can go for half to an inch deeper on the wall. If it’s even deeper, you should contact waterproofing experts in Kolkata.

However, water never should seep through your roof or floor or it may be dangerous for your roof or foundation. Never ever take them lightly.

When should you waterproof your home?

As per experts, it’s highly necessary to take measures to prevent water seepage during development of a building. Whether it is your building’s roof, wall, joints or floor, take right waterproofing method to keep it protected from water. Any leakage can be highly dangerous in long term.

What if I have missed this step?

Reputed builders never skip this step. However, if you choose any cheaper contractor or you hurry too much, they may jump the step and you’ll discover this after few years when it’s actually too late. However, you know that your house hasn’t been waterproofed, you can consult with our waterproofing expert in Kolkata for a budget friendly yet efficient solution.

What to do if water is seeping through my structure?

First of all, don’t try any DIY method – they just waste your valuable time and makes the process complexer. Instead contact any expert as soon as you discover the issue. Otherwise, you’ll have to bear the cost of damage along with waterproofing cost. They will measure the severity of the issue and provide you quotation as per that.

What steps should I take to avoid waterproofing issue?

First thing you need to do is to ensure proper sealing of every joint and apply waterproofing material on every part that may come in direct contact to water. Secondly, make reliable process to drain out water quickly from these places like roof, foundation area and so on. And thirdly inspect your home time to time to identify any issue on the earliest stage.

Which parts of building should be specially taken care of?

While every part is important, you should start it from roof, and then exterior wall and then floor of your bathroom, kitchen and rooms. Mostly, these steps vary widely depending upon the overall atmosphere of your area as well as other factors like age of your home, floor, soil quality and so on.

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Expert’s Tips on How to Increase Sales Price of Your House

Have planed to sell your house? Don’t make a bad deal in hurry. You deserve best price for your asset – ‘bad-time’ can’t be an excuse.

Just like a buyer puts best effort to finalize the deal at lowest price, you have to invest time, money and effort strategically to multiply your profit. And the good news is, there are pocket-friendly ways that work. You just have to act as our waterproofing contractors in Kolkata say.

Go for a Thorough Building Assessment

Until you know, what is the current condition of your building, you can’t get any estimation of what fixes you need do. While, being the building owner you may point out some issues instantly, for a complete insight, you need to contact a structural analysis engineer in Kolkata. Otherwise, if your buyer finds those, you have to compromise in the final sales price.

damp proofing contractors in kolkataDo a Deep Cleaning

Of course you clean your house; but, with time floors and walls develop some patches and marks. You can’t clean them using detergent and other domestic cleaning agents or methods. You must need to hire a professional for the same and ask them to clean both the exterior and interior of the building. It’ll give your house a fresh and lively look and obviously impact positively on your building price.

Plan for a Remodeling

It may sound little costly for you. But, when you can get double price by investing a minor amount, why you shouldn’t? We don’t say you to go for a thorough restructuring of your house. But, planning to install tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, working on space management, improving security, fixing damp issues and damp marks and so on can add high value to your house.

Improve The Exterior Look

Every person has their own fascination when it comes to look of the interior. But, for exterior, a clean appearance and good protection is mostly enough. So, leave the interior part for the buyer and invest some money on exterior painting, says a waterproofing contractor in Kolkata. It will instantly boost the price of the building by creating a solid ‘first impression’.

Fix Leakage Issues

Think as a buyer! You visited a house for buying it, and found water dripping out from taps and pipe joints. How would you evaluate the condition of the structure? So, contact any damp proofing expert in Kolkata and let them fix the issue. It won’t directly give you any benefit; but if you ignore this, definitely you’ll have to get mentally ready for a bargaining on your building price.

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Pocket-Friendly Ways to Give Your Old House a Fresh Look & Strength

Painting your home isn’t the right solution! It just covers the issues for some time and within few months they comes back again. So, it is nothing but wastage of your money, and making your home even weaker, says our senior structural engineer in Kolkata.

You must know that beauty of a home comes from its overall health. If the house has issues in its structure, you can make it attractive by covering them with another coat of paint. You need to treat the root causes first.

Most of the homeowners avoid this step just as they think it is a costly process, says our waterproofing contractors in Kolkata. Well, it’s true that both building construction materials and service charges have become costly in the last few years. But, it’s never costlier than your asset, isn’t it?

So, let’s know about some budget-friendly ways suggested by our structural engineer in Kolkata to fix your building issues and give it a fresh new look.

Repair Cracks & Damages

First thing that you must need to do is to work on the cracks and other structural damages. They are highly dangerous for your building’s safety issues. So, you need to work on that. You can go for a low cost structural assessment by experts to know the severity as well as the most affordable way to resolve the issue.

Go for Waterproofing Services

If your house has any leakage or damp issues, you must repair them on urgent basis. As per our structural engineer in Kolkata, it can rapidly damage your building and can cause further issues like concrete cancer, saltpeter infection, termite infestation and so on.

Plan a Brief Remodelling of Building Structure

If you have some budget, it’ll be a wise decision to go for small changes in your building’s design like extending your bathroom or kitchen, restructuring your living-room or bedroom, re-planning your drainage, lifting the floor height, adding a new room on the land adjacent to your building and so on. These scientific changes will make your old house more comfortable and spacious, says our waterproofing expert.

Install Tiles on Floor and Walls

It’s a common misconception that wall tilling is important only in bathroom. It not only protects your floor and wall from water damage, but also provides extra strength, improves fire resistance in your home and reduces your expenses on paint. With revolution in the ceramic and other tiles, you have wide option to choose from as per your budget and all are highly durable.

Paint The Interior and Exterior

Yes, now proceed to interior and exterior painting part. Make sure to create a good design as per structure of your building and choose your paint from reputed brands. Also, remember that exterior and interior paints have different formula and thus it’s highly recommended not to use interior paint on your exterior wall or vice versa.